The Terrible Saga of Ulfar

The Terrible Saga of Ulfar is a classic N64 inspired action puzzle-platformer with a serious twist.
  • Game status

    Closed Alpha

  • Develoment start

    1th September 2013

  • Release date


It is about a ferocious Viking named Ulfar who has to overcome his biggest challenge of his life. With the promise of Valhalla he agrees to overcome an evil paint factory director and set free the gnomes.

Fight yourself through the magic factory with nothing more than your wit and… paint… while trying to maintain your sanity as a ferocious Viking in this horrible place of happiness. Expect sarcasm filled dialogues with the only ally you have in this realm: Gnakir.

About the game:

The game is inspired by the old N64 platformer games like Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64. With a low poly, and colourful look you have to overcome many platformer puzzle challenges along with a unique use of magical paint. Feel the same frustration that a ferocious Viking would feel after being stripped from his weapons and has to solve puzzles with paint…

Target platforms:

Game only: Android & IOS
Game + Level editor: PC, Mac, Linux


Status: 20% completed